The SciBling diaspora reunite!

When the Scienceblogs network started fracturing a few weeks ago I expressed concern that the individual blogs would, while remaining individually popular, lose the power inherent having a social networking infrastructure behind them. It turns out my fears were unfounded.

If you click on that link, you’ll find yourself in Scientopia, a magical far, far away land where scientists and science bloggers live in peace and harmony with the Internet. Or, alternately, a new on-line science blogging community set up in the wake of the Pepsigate exodus by one of my favourite bloggers, Mark Chu-Carroll. Mark has written up a post explaining exactly why here — it’s not, as some might think, just a reaction to Pepsipocaplyse.

Head over there and give the fledgling community some love and support — I’ve already subscribed to four of my favourite former Scienceblogs: Good Math, Bad Math; White Coat Underground; Adventures in Ethics and Science; and Drugmonkey. There’s also the option to subscribe to the entire site feed on the top of the homepage.

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